Shark Systems

About Shark Systems!

Operating as an online retailer, Canada-based Shark Systems offers the full gamut of computer components and consumer electronics from leading manufacturers. Visitors to will find everything they need to build a computer from scratch or can purchase complete desktop, laptop, and tablet units. Shark Systems carries advanced hardware components from Intel Corporation, Lexmark, Super Micro Computer, Inc., and others, as well as operating systems and software from top companies including Apple Inc., Microsoft, and Adobe Systems Incorporated. Other essential computer accessories, such as printers, monitors, cases, and webcams, are also available. Apart from computer supplies, Shark Systems serves as a leading online supplier of consumer electronics ranging from digital cameras and video surveillance systems to projectors and flatscreen TVs.

Shark Systems became a leading online retailer of electronics by creating a painless shopping experience and concentrating on customer satisfaction. The company ships internationally and accepts all major credit cards through its SSL-encrypted website. For nearly five years, Shark Systems has held accreditation with the South Central Ontario Better Business Bureau, maintaining an A rating and participating in the organization’s Online Reliability Program.

Shark Systems actively contributes to the Scared for Sharks initiative, a program headed by the world’s largest organization committed to ocean conservation, Oceana. Scared for Sharks protects the ocean-faring creatures by advocating legislation that establishes fishing regulations, such as the prohibition of finning, in North America, South America, and Europe.